New builds

Your new home is special. It’s a work of art. And so it should be!

Constructa Built housing contractors focusses on one-of-a-kind new residential builds. You won’t find a drawer full of stock-standard plans in our office. Our new builds are unique, boast high-calibre craftsmanship and span a wide range of budgets. We think your home should reflect your specific needs, your requirements, your taste and your personality.

Many of our residential customers knock on our door, requesting to build their new home, after they established a working relationship with the Constructa Built home building contractors on a commercial job.

Our focus is firmly on high-calibre workmanship and service, respectful communication and reliable budgets and time frames.

We would love to put our professional house building contractors spin on your new home. No matter what stage of the project you are at, we are ready to help. Whether you’re in the process of designing your new home or have the plans ready to go, we’d love to build your home from the ground up.